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Torfaen Independent Group: Election profile

Ron Burnett, leader of the Torfaen Independent group

THERE are 21 Independent candidates standing in the Torfaen council elections next week. Some Independents are part of a group, set up to support each other, but they do not have a set of collective policies.

Six out of the 12 Independent councillors in the last term formed a Group

In the last term, six councillors formed part of the Independent group, while another six members acted as individual members.

Ron Burnett, leader of the Torfaen Independent group, said candidates are campaigning on issues in their individual wards, based on trying to achieve the best outcomes for their residents.

“What we are standing for is working in the community,” he said.

“As Independent candidates, we are community-based, working for our constituents.

“We are trying to work with our communities to help them with their problems, with the cost of living for example.

“The main objective is working in the community and protecting frontline services and making decisions which can be difficult.”

Mr Burnett said Independent candidates will work to protect services.

“We want to carry on trying to protect the vital services. Education, vulnerable children and all of the frontline services that we have to protect. As Independent candidates we are all individuals and we all work independently.”

Mr Burnett said Independents would work in their own wards on local issues and not as a party.

“We have our own voice as Independents and we do not work from party lines. We make our own decisions.”

He said that candidates are “encouraged by what they are hearing” from residents in the run-up to the elections next Thursday, May 5.

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Torfaen Independent Group: Election profile