Cwmbran Centre for Young People

The ideas of 300 young people in Cwmbran led to two new music nights being launched this week. The members of Cwmbran Centre for Young People (CCYP) felt the town needed some events to promote local talent and give entertainment for young people.

A monthly band night is starting on Friday 9 November and a weekly club night is starting on Saturday10 November.

Leigh Rowland, CCYP’s business development manager, said: “The members felt that a band night where local bands could play and battle against each other would be great fun. They also had the idea of creating a proper club night where young local DJs could show off their skills while getting everyone on the dance floor.  

“The young people decided that the band night should be called ‘AMPLIFIED’ and that ‘YODO’ was  the best name for the Club Night. YODO stands for ‘You Only Dance Once’.

“They want these evenings to replicate ‘real life gigs’ and a ‘real club’ as much as possible. So the staff, the young people and some local tradesmen who volunteered their time at the CCYP have re-designed the main hall.

“They have a built a DJ booth, a dance floor and staging area and also a bar.

“We have painted the main hall and installed new sound and lighting system.

“AMPLIFIED will be launched this week with a south Wales band, Reconcile, who have played at London’s O2 arena.

“YODO will have Kingsley Smith, the resident  DJ from BCM in Magaluf  playing to open these evenings with a bang.”

After the launch events CCYP will be encouraging local talent to appear on these evenings.

Call CCYP on 01633 875851. You can keep up to date with what’s happening at CCYP  through their Facebook and Twitter.

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