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UK’s first ‘buy your own trolley’ scheme launched in Cwmbran

Cwmbran has been chosen as the first town in the UK where shoppers can buy a trolley from their favourite supermarket.

In a unique deal, Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi and Sainsbury’s teamed up to finally stop the problem of trolleys being pinched and abandoned across the area. You can now show loyalty by purchasing your own branded trolley and having a personalised number plate popped up on the side to prove you are the owner.

Holly Copeman, from the Supermarket Trolley Association, said: “We’ve tried everything over the years to stop this town’s love of the four-wheeled shopper’s best friend. When I read on Cwmbran Life last week that over 3,500 of them were abandoned in one month I banged my head against the wall and came up with this idea. Merchandise is worth big money, so I convinced the supermarkets that they can increase brand awareness and it won’t cost them a penny.  We know how far and wide trolleys from Cwmbran end up so it’s a win-win for everyone. Imagine never again having the stressful feeling of getting to Asda for your big shop to find the trolley bay is empty when you can arrive in style on the travelator with your own shiny new set of wheels. We are expecting to see some Instagram-gold photos as shoppers pimp their trolleys.

“The cost is £99 and means you will be the legal owner and can take it wherever you want to push it, except in the shops with ‘No Trolleys Allowed’ posters in the doors.”

Icelend fan Evie Evans told Cwmbran Life: “Since Greggs started being stocked here I haven’t set foot in Asda or Aldi. In fact, I don’t even get passed the first aisle in Iceland as that’s where all my favourite Greggs’ frozen goodies can be found. I’ve been in a few times and had to struggle with a tiny basket as all the trollies had been nicked. Gutting. Now I’ve got my own red Iceland trolley I can buy a month’s worth of steak bakes and burn off the calories in advance by pushing it up Springvale hill to my house in Ty Canol.”

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UK’s first ‘buy your own trolley’ scheme launched in Cwmbran

photos of a trolley outside two supermarkets