A group of around 15 volunteers met this morning to clear up a stretch of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal in Cwmbran. They worked on the ‘B & Q section’ and met at the Pets at Home store car park. This  is where the canal stops and ‘goes under’ Cwmbran Drive before opening out again in Old Cwmbran.

I  recored an audioboo with one of the volunteers, Carol Shove from Fairwater. Click here to listen to her talk (1min 55secs) about why she volunteers.

New volunteers are always welcome, Call Hugh Woodford at Torfaen Council on 01633 648741 or email hugh.woodford@torfaen.gov.uk  to find out the next date, time and clear up venue.

I also met Nigel Jones, a canal volunteer, who runs the Cwmbran Info website and he has written about the group and future clear ups here.

Here is a video (42 secs) of the volunteers cutting down branches and dragging them to the bank with a rake on a rope. I then walk back under the low bridge to another group of volunteers.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NyBEer4vTE&w=420&h=345]
Here is a gallery of photos that I took today.

Carol Shove, a volunteer from Fairwater
A child's scooter that the group pulled out of the canal

Hugh Woodford from Torfaen Council
Getting ready to throw out the rake to drag in some rubbish and weeds
A plaque on the footbridge that leads into the B & Q car park
Throwing in the rake
Clearing out the weeds
Can you spot the volunteer in the bushes with a saw?

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