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WATCH: A video of the two geese rehomed from the canal in Cwmbran at their new pond

two geese by a pond
The two geese at their new home

The family taking care of the two geese removed from the canal at Two Locks for being “aggressive” to members of the public have shared a video and photo of the pair in their new home.

At the full Council meeting earlier this week councillors were given a report written by officers after receiving a petition signed by 1,006 residents who were unhappy and concerned about the birds’ welfare and safety since being moved.

It followed a month of incidents when the council and local councillors received a number of reports from canal users and councillors about two of the geese being “aggressive.” This included someone being bitten on the leg and a mum and her son being attacked.

Daniel Morelli, the council’s head of public protection, told councillors that since the pair were taken away there had been “no further complaints” about birds on the canal. He said they “continue to be safe and well” in their new home.

Following the meeting Cwmbran Life contacted the household who have the geese and was given this video and photo to reassure residents the birds are happy in their new home.


Cllr Peter Jones, Two Locks Wards, thanked officers for handling the issue “sensibly” and with “sensitivity” over and told councillors he had received “many, many thanks” from residents. He said they were “impeding people going about their business” along the canal.

Cllr Colette Thomas, Two Locks Ward,  said she “echoed” the comments from Cllr Jones and was glad there was a “satisfactory conclusion.”

Cllr Elizabeth Haynes, St Dials Ward, asked officers to make sure they went back to the person who started the petition with a copy of their report.


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WATCH: A video of the two geese rehomed from the canal in Cwmbran at their new pond