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Why Are Cats Becoming The Preferred Pet Choice? 3 Ways That Might Be Influencing The Rise

Cats have often played second fiddle to dogs when it comes to pet popularity. Some people perceive cats as aloof and antisocial. While they might not be as quick to show their love as their canine counterparts, cats can be every bit as loyal and affectionate as dogs. 

The popularity of cats has been increasing, and they are quickly becoming one of the more preferred choice of pet. Why could this be? We’ve listed three reasons that might be influencing this rise. 

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Everyone loves dogs, but it’s hard to deny that they can be a lot of work. They demand a fair amount of attention from their owners. They love to sit on laps (no matter their size and weight) and will happily jump into their owner’s bed and lick their face to walk them up and nice and early. 

While dogs’ limitless exuberance and enthusiasm is part of their charm, some people can find it exhausting. Cats, on the other hand, are more chilled out. They’re quite happy to do their own thing and mind their own businesses, they might pop over every now and then for a quick stroke before wandering off again. 

This more casual relationship is preferable for a lot of people. It gives you the chance to share your home with a cute furry friend without having to cope with the demands of a dog. 

However, just because cats are more low maintenance than dogs, that doesn’t mean they can be neglected. Cats just like any other pet you might get are still susceptible to various illnesses, so it’s your responsibility as an owner to watch out for them and ensure they are healthy and happy. And as you might have guessed, those trips to the vet to treat an illness can get expensive. You might want to look at various providers to see what the best cover is. As an example, check this link, Petsure cat insurance offers cover for vet bills and pre-existing medical conditions which might be a good start for your research.  

Cats Can Stay Indoors

As our lives become more urbanised, more and more of us are living in large metropolitan cities. What this means is that there is an increasing number of people living in flats and apartments rather than detached homes. 

Unlike dogs, cats can be perfectly happy spending their lives indoors, as long as they have enough mental and physical stimulation. This makes them the perfect pet for city-dwellers staying in top floor flats. These felines will sleep the day away while you’re at work and wake up for play when you are back home. 

This also means that cats don’t require regular walks. For the busy young professional, they could find that they simply don’t have the time or the energy to walk a dog twice a day. Cats don’t require the same style of exercise, but it’s still important to regularly play with your cat to keep them happy and satisfied and to prevent them from becoming bored. 

The Internet Loves Cats

The internet has a long and well documented relationship with cats. While this shouldn’t be a reason to get a cat of your own, it can certainly explain, in part, why these mysterious moggies have become so incredibly popular. 

Cat videos abound online, racking up hundreds of millions of views. Famous felines including Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat are true internet sensations, used in memes and jokes far and wide and across geographic locations and demographics. 

The internet has undoubtedly made cats more popular. People will want a Keyboard Cat of their own and will live in hope that a picture of their cat will become the next Grumpy Cat phenomenon. 


Historically, cats have had something of an unfair reputation. Now, we’re seeing the popularity of these creatures increase and cat ownership is definitely on the rise. 

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Why Are Cats Becoming The Preferred Pet Choice? 3 Ways That Might Be Influencing The Rise

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