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Why Is Cycling Becoming More Popular?

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Cycling has enjoyed fluctuating levels of popularity. However, the activity is now on an upward trend, and it’s unlikely to come down again. 

As new innovative cars are made and communication technologies are increasingly used, the resurgence of an old mode of transport may seem somewhat unlikely. That said, the fact remains that cycling is becoming more popular across the UK. Here are the main reasons as to why. 

Pandemic Habits 

Many people experienced temporary alterations in their daily lives during the worst of covid restrictions. However, some changes became more permanent. 

Such is the case with cycling. After all, cycling experienced an enormous resurgence in popularity during the pandemic. In 2020, one-fifth of British adults cycled at least once a week. Despite all the negative news around health, well-being, and lockdowns, people still found ways to stay active, enjoy the fresh air, and maintain a hobby. 

The pandemic restrictions were challenging. That said, many people found new interests and built new lifestyles and routines around them. For many people, cycling became a positive part of a very bleak period and losing that might be a great shame for them. 

An In-depth Hobby

There are many passionate enthusiasts of cycling. It’s a hobby that invites constant advancement and exploration.

For instance, the 2pedalz range of Basso bikes creates the best riding experience for passionate cyclists. Riders can tackle more challenging terrain, enjoy more aggressive geometry, and function in a fast yet beautiful fashion. There is also a full service of affordable upgrades and custom finishes with Basso. 

Cycling is suitable for more than a commute to work. It can appeal to those with an adventurous spirit who wish to further their fitness and test their metal. 

Avoiding Car Hassles

Cars are a convenience for those undertaking routine long-distance travel. However, it’s true that they’re often presenting more problems than solutions these days.

For example, the demand for bike repairs went ‘through the roof’ amid rising fuel prices nationwide. Obviously, this can only mean that more people are cycling. While many people’s hands may have been forced, they may find that they save an enormous amount of money and enjoy short-distance trips all the more. 

In addition to fuel prices going up, cars have caused other challenges. There is a big backlog for learners these days, and there can be long waiting lists around finding lessons and sitting tests. Used car prices are also climbing higher than ever before. In the end, many people will inevitably switch to cycling instead if their lifestyles can accommodate the change.  

Helping Others

Cycling can seem like something of a solo practice. However, by riding around on a bicycle, many people can benefit from the process.

If more people cycled, the environmental benefits would be staggering. Much pollution would be removed from cityscapes. It would also result in fewer emissions, slowing the warming of the atmosphere. Biodiversity may also be improved with the reduction of roadkill. Ultimately, the environment is at the forefront of many people’s decision-making practices today. 

Cycling can also ease traffic congestion. Public transport may also be less crowded, meaning those onboard can enjoy more comfortable and promptly scheduled travel. Someone in desperate need of a seat would be far more likely to find one, too! 

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Why Is Cycling Becoming More Popular?