2Rude on stage
2Rude on stage Credit: Supplied by artist

Chatting to Mark Harry, lead singer of Ska tribute band 2Rude, I nearly started tapping my feet. When he told me: “I guarantee people will be on their feet” at Crow Fest, I believed him.

There is nothing better than hearing the passion someone has for what they do come over in their voice at the other end of a phone call. He set up 2Rude in 2009 and loves the impact the band’s music and performances have on people.

The group are part of the festival’s line-up on Saturday 20 July at Cwmbran Stadium from 2pm to 10pm.

This interview was carried out thanks to the support of Cwmbran Community Council.

He said: “I started 2Rude in 2009, it took a while to get the right people. We’ve just clicked and it’s been non-stop ever since. They’re a great bunch of guys, a great line-up

“We’re the complete tribute to the 2-Tone era. It wasn’t around long in the 80s but it made an impression.

“We just recreate and bring that music back to the people who have experienced and also people who haven’t experienced it.”

Fans have told Mark, “oh my god, you just took my back. I felt like a kid watching you.”

After one gig he was approached by a woman in her 20s, too young for the 2-Tone era, who was crying. She said her dad had recently died from cancer. The 2Rude music brought back memories of growing up as it was the only music played in her house when she was a child.

2Rude get people on their feet

“People love listening to it. There is no-one who can stand still watching us. There is so much energy on stage,” he added.

“It’s so different. You can’t ignore the music. I guarantee people will be on their feet.”

Their website says: “The band have played with the likes of Roddy Byers of The Specials on several occasions and shared stages with Bad Manners, The Selecter, From The Jam, Aswad, Soul II Soul and Midge Ure as their stature has grown.”

Mark said: “They are a great bunch of guys, all top-of-the range musicians. When you hear it, it’s the real deal basically. For those who haven’t seen us, they are in for a treat, I guarantee it.”

Goldie Lookin’ Chain are headlining Crow Fest. In 2011, 2Rude and GLC released This Town, a remake of The Specials’ Ghost Town.

Mark said GLC told him they were up for coming on stage to do This Town, but the timings of the line-up meant it “won’t fit in with things. It might not happen, but you never know.”

GLC and 2Rude- This Town

2Rude will be play at Crow Fest along with Goldie Lookin’ Chain, Gypsy Pistoleros, Appletree Theory, Capital City Jazz, Travis George, Tobias Robertson, Darren ‘Graceland’ Jones and No One Knows.

Crow Fest tickets

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Click here to visit the events page.

Tickets are £5.94 each (includes a 94p booking fee). A ticket for an adult with an under 18 is £7 (includes £1.01 booking fee).

Crow Fest is being organised by  Cwmbran Community Council to celebrate the New Town’s 75th anniversary.

Crow Fest- important information

Food and drink will be on sale. Anyone who looks under 25 will be asked for ID if they want to buy alcohol.

The festival is on the outdoor pitch so suitable footwear must be worn. High heels or chairs won’t be allowed. Festival goers are welcome to bring picnic blankets.

Crow Fest runs from 2pm to 10pm. Last entry 7pm.

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